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If it’s not [insert any fitness program] then what is it? 

We get it. The fitness market is crowded, & in that crowd, there are some big names established. We get the following question a lot: "Is it kinda like [insert fitness program]?" We love to answer this question. It allows us to help others understand what we do... so much so that we wrote this blog for you to read!

BPG Strength Training Methodology

a fancy way of saying, here’s what we do… 💪

We wanted to create a group class methodology that provided a true strength building workout. In a fitness industry that goes heavily towards cardio and HIIT, we wanted to go the opposite direction. Our BUILD.POWER.GRIND workouts prioritize strength first, with ideas backed by science in one of the most structured group class environments you’ve ever attended. We believe wholeheartedly that strength training is one of the most efficient ways to enhance aesthetics, improve functionality, and promote longevity.

We have three days: BUILD, POWER, and GRIND.

  • BUILD day is all about absolute strength, barbell strength.

  • POWER day is reserved for explosive, athletic movement. 

  • GRIND day is for bodyweight strength.

Each one hour class has a structured format as follows:

  • MOVEMENT PREPARATION- 6 minutes of movement prep designed to activate muscles used for the day’s workout.

  • LIFT- 20-30 minutes of dedicated strength. All of our workouts are built around the LIFT.

  • MOVE- 10-20 minutes of cardio that compliments the LIFT.

  • FLOW- 5 minutes of a yoga-inspired stretch and cooldown to finish the workout.

Our program calendar is designed one year in advance & our workouts are written 3 months in advance. There is nothing random about what we do. Variety is good, but too much variety is counterintuitive. Structure & Consistency are King. Repeated strength segments with linear progressions are what we do well.


For those who have commitment issues 😉

We limit our classes to 24 people per class. This is important for your experience. We like to keep a personal touch while providing detailed feedback within our group classes. Our coaches are instructors, not just time keepers. Limiting our classes to 24 people at a time guarantees a high quality experience for all attendees. 

We ask that you book on our app early to reserve your spot. We have an 8 hour cancellation policy.


Class is a meeting with yourself. Be on time. ⏰

Our classes run on a tight schedule. We want to ensure you get a proper warm up, strength session, cardio, & a cool down all in 60 minutes. Our movement prep start promptly at the beginning of class! Don’t be late! 

Professional Trainers

Only the best ✅

We hire character first. Our trainers are high performers driven by the desire to be the best in their field. All BPG trainers go through our extensive in house training that includes several hours of education in addition to observation hours and reviews. They attend mandatory continuing education throughout the year and are regularly tested on core values, exercise methodology, and processes. BPG trainers are highly skilled exercise educators, lifelong learners, and empathetic humans with the drive to help others. 

Curated Playlists

aka- we all kinda want to be DJs too 🎧

We’re pretty proud of our music selection… and no, it’s not just a Sirius radio station. Our trainers curate playlists tailored to the day. The music is specifically timed up to the PREP, LIFT, MOVE, and FLOW with different vibes for BUILD, POWER, and GRIND days. 

You might hear some Billie Eilish in the PREP, a little DMX or Run the Jewels for the LIFT, and Fisher or Skrillex for MOVE. So, when Jump by Kriss Kross comes on while you are doing agility work or jump ropes, just know your trainer thought that’d be cute. 

The Green Towel

Shhhhhh.. it’s our secret 💚

We will save this one as a surprise for when you come in. Just know that if you see someone in a picture on the gram with a green towel, they earned it and are enjoying that reward. You will often hear people joke, ‘I just come here for the green towel’..... IYKYK

Who are we?

(We think you should come see for yourself, but in the meantime…👀)

We are.. The place to come when you are sick of beating yourself up in an extreme barbell, high intensity setting that emphasizes speed over everything. At some point everyone has to stop. 

We are.. The place to come when you are needing to add more to your cardio heavy routine that emphasizes cardio over strength. At some point everyone plateaus.

We are.. The place that values strength training principles which includes repetitive, linear progressions. Where moving slow and moving well is celebrated. Where everyday focuses on true strength training. There is barbell, but not too much. There is cardio but not too much. 


Let us be clear, we are not for everyone. Not everyone is going to like what we do. We do not try to appeal to everyone. We have created a space for those who know that everything in life is earned. Our space is created for them to come unwind, get a hell of a workout in, hang out with other hard working individuals, and then go do some boss shit in the real world. If that’s you, we invite you to come on in.


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