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How to Eat More Protein

Whether you’re strength training here with us at BUILD POWER GRIND (BPG) or in another facility, eating more protein is crucial for recovery and overall health. With that said, it can be challenging to get more protein in, especially if you’re just starting out. 

Here’s my favorite (and easy) ways to get more protein: 

Increase the serving size of protein sources you already eat 

  • This is by far the easiest way to increase protein intake because you already have the proteins you like established - just increase the serving size! In general, you want to get 1-2 palm sizes of protein at each meal, but reach out to one of our lifestyle coaches at BPG for a more tailored prescription. 

Base meals around protein 

  • When you’re planning your meals for the week, make the protein source the first thing you consider. For example if you’re craving pasta, then instead of having just pasta, see if you can find a chicken pasta recipe that sounds appealing to you! 

Swap ingredients for higher protein options 

  • This is both an easy and sneaky way to increase protein intake at meals. For example if the recipe calls for sour cream, consider swapping sour cream out for plain greek yogurt. Or if a recipe calls for rice, try substituting beans which is a higher plant-based source of protein. 

Opt for Protein Snacks 

  • When purchasing snacks at the store, stock up on some that are higher in protein. Examples include: greek yogurt, beef or turkey jerky, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and packaged smoked salmon or tuna. And remember, these are snacks not meals, so be sure you’re also getting your protein source at mealtimes also. 

Supplement Protein 

  • Remember that protein supplements like whey, plant, or casein protein powder, are intended to solely supplement, not replace, protein in your diet. Therefore, this is a final option after implementing the other options mentioned prior. You can use whey or plant (pea, legume, etc) powders mixed with milk, water, or added to shakes and smoothies. There are also pre-mixed protein shake supplements on the market if you need something quick! 

Protein is invaluable for maintaining satiety between meals and for repairing and building muscle tissue that is broken down naturally during strength training. Regardless of if you take group fitness classes, work with a personal trainer or on your own thing at the gym, protein consumption is going to be very important for your overall health.


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