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  • Josh Brock

How to Approach GRIND Day

GRIND Day at BUILD.POWER.GRIND. is a mostly bodyweight and static strength day. This day is meant to be completed at a 70% intensity/effort level. The focus here is gaining awareness around how your body moves through space using your own body weight. The goal is health & longevity.

It's a common misconception that you cannot build strength without using some external weight. While using weights to increase your strength is beneficial and necessary, we believe that mastering your own bodyweight should be at the forefront of every strength training program. Holding a plank, doing push ups, hanging from a pull up bar, doing controlled strict pull ups, and much more.

While GRIND day is mostly bodyweight, we do incorporate the use of weights for specific exercises. A huge emphasis on GRIND day is carry’s and holds - i.e. being able to carry and hold weights in a functional manner just like you would in real life.

Our goal is to make sure you get all the groceries in 1 trip!

With an effort level of 70% on GRIND Day, please give yourself permission to slow the f*ck down. These days are designed to help improve your other training days with us. If you are looking to increase your bench press & back squat strength or want to increase your 1 mile run time - GRIND day can help!

Not sure how to attack a GRIND day? Next time you take class at BPG, ask your trainer for some help!


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