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Frequently Asked Questions
BPG Online

What is the recommended frequency of training?
​We recommend working out 4-5 times per week with 1 full rest day and 1 active recovery day. Click here to earn more about rest and recovery.

How long will it take me to complete a workout?
All workouts are designed to be completed within 60 minutes. 
Can the program be customized for different fitness levels?
This workout has been used by a wide variety of fitness levels from new to fitness (never exercised at all) - all the way up to professional athletes.
Are there any modifications for individuals with injuries or limitations?
Yes, if you have are coming back from an injury or have limitation please send us a message for specific modifications or refer to our Common Modifications list.
What if I don't have access to certain equipment?
See the common modifications sheet. If the modification you need isn’t listed, please send us a message and we will provide one for you!

Can I combine this program with other forms of exercise?
This is a Strength Training program and pairs well with other modes of exercise such as: Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Yoga, Barre, Swimming, OCR, recreational sports and more..

How can I contact a trainer for support or questions?
You can send a message on your TrueCoach app or email us at:
Can I participate if I'm new to fitness or haven't exercised in a while?
Yes, just start with lighter weights and take breaks when you need to! Feel free to send us a message letting us know you are new and we can give you some specific tips!

Are nutrition guidelines included in the program?Download our Lifestyle Guidelines Book at

What is your refund policy?
As applicable, classes and membership packages are non-refundable. No exceptions.
We do not offer refunds on purchases for our services. 

Who should I contact with a billing issue?
Should you have a billing issue, please email

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